about hillary

After graduating from Tufts University, Hillary moved to the Bay Area and spent several years in the communication arts, working in photography, film, advertising, and design. Loving the creative process yet drawn to a path that inspired greater healing and discovery, she immersed herself in the fields of yoga, psychology, somatics, and Eastern philosophy. In 2001, she received her life coaching certification and began teaching yoga in 2003.

Her studies and experiences continually revealed the reflective nature of our inner world and outer life. On one hand, when we work through physical and emotional blockages, we can open to new perspectives and possibilities free of our conditioning. On another hand, surroundings can enhance and transform our state of being.

Breathing Room formed as a way to bring awareness to this interdependent relationship and to harmonize the body and mind with our environments and experiences. Great passion and trust in our soul's evolution and unique expression support this deep integrative work. As we cultivate greater spaciousness within, our purest potential and innate sense of freedom can pulse with the world around.

Hillary is grateful for all her teachers who have shared their wisdom and expertise and especially for her students who continue to inspire her with their dedication, spirit, and courage. She lives in Mill Valley, California and teaches classes, workshops, teacher trainings and retreats both locally and abroad.

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