interior spaces

The home is a sanctuary for the body and expression of the soul. Our surroundings have the power to stimulate the senses, inspire the heart, and promote deep healing, balance, and harmony. Hillary collaborates with clients to create unique and sacred environments that evoke a sense of breath and freedom, beauty and style.

Through texture, form, space, and color, Hillary helps you transform living or work spaces to nurture and refresh the body and mind, while supporting your creative expression and sense of connection to all things.

Consulting Services:

  • Create visual harmony through balancing space & material form
  • Maximize the flow of light & energy
  • Offer color, material, & furniture recommendations
  • Enhance environments with natural elements to create
    a sensory experience
  • Eliminate clutter & find creative organizational solutions

With a background in film, graphics, and design Hillary brings a unique eye and artistic vision to her work. Drawing on practical guidance and timeless wisdom,
let your home become a tranquil haven that embodies your dreams and offers a welcoming experience for all.

Body, Mind,